Non Banking Financial Company

Preferred Sectors
Aviation and Shipping Energy and Power Generation
Consumer Durables and Home Appliances Mines and Minerals
Retail and FMCG Sponge Iron / Steel / Copper / Aluminum
Educational Institutions Food Industry
Hospitals and Research Centers Star Hotels and Resorts
Infrastructure and Real Estate Pharmaceutical
Diamond and Gold Jewelers Automobile Manufacturer
Water Treatment and Preservation Companies Furniture and Fixtures Companies
Electrical Instrument Goods Manufacturer Media and Advertising Companies
Craft Paper/ Corrugated Boxes/ Writing paper Companies 24 Carat Gold/ Platinum Jwellery
Leather & Fashion Cosmetics Financial Services
Organic & Agro Products Companies Chemical/ Gas/ Oil Manufacturing Companies

Note : Above sectors are Preferred Sectors for our Proposed Lending & Investment Institution

Eligibility criteria for Appling NBFC Project Based Debt.

Techno-Economic Visibility The Company must be financially viable & technically feasible
ROI Project / Company must have minimum ROI 10%
Asset line (Charged Free) Wquivalent to LTV Extent for NBFC Project Based Debt / Equity There is no Need of Free Asset Line.
Debt Equity Ratio As per Project Viability.
Company / Firm Status Non NPA / Non CIBIL (Clear Standerd Status Company / Firm)

Residental & Commercial Borrowing Proposal Processing Details

Nature of Funding Project Finance / Working Capital Finance Project / Asset Based Debt Way
Required Funding Amount INR 5 CR. To INR 500 CR.
Intrest 12 to Maximum 18% R.B Per Annum. (Subject to Final Assessment)
Period 5 Year to Maximum 10 Years Actual As per cash flow submitted by Client.
Security / Collateral LTV 50 % in case of Project / Asset Based Debt. Corporate Guarantee in Favor of Lending Company. Borrowing Company's Asset Mortage of Specified LTV Ratio in favor of Lending Company
Means of Finance Promoters Ratio of Investment Other Financial Institutions Inception 30% in Project NBFC Asset Based Debt will be 70% Total Project Cost. Depending on Techno Economic Feasibility and Credit Rating of Client Company.

Commitment Charges

The client Company has specifically agree to pay Consulting charges of 5% (Five Percentage All Inclusive) of sanctioned restructuring and expansions value of NBFC Funding Done with Company to Absolute Financial Services. Company is specifically agreed and confirmed for consulting charges and same may be disbursed to Absolute Financial Services once NBFC Funding is sanctioned and Disbursed by Lender or Financial Institution.

Registration Fees

The Initial Consulting Registration Fees of Rupees 7,00,000 (Seven Lacs) Charged to the Company For Strategic Consulting of Specified Finance Options & To Execute the same from Respective Financial Institution on the Basis of Consulting Advisory Term ship Provided by Absolute Financial Services to Client against Requirement.

Optional Reports

Following Reports are Standard in Nature for Execution of NBFC Proposals. Exact Requirement will be provided to Client Company in Consulting Term Ship Once Required Information Over View Completed. If Any Report is Not Required Details will be Provided Accordingly.

Agency Provides Services to Prepare These Reports. Quotation for the same will be Provided in Consulting Term ship

Report Details
Rating SME Rating of Company Promoters / Director
Rating BLR Bank Loan Rating.
Rating COMPANY Company Performance, Growth Rating
Search and Valuation of Specified Assets Detailed Valuation of Company Owned Assets will be Taken
Visionary Enterprise Survey Compressive Survey of Company / Enterprise will be carried out on 13 Topics
Techno Economic Viability The Technical Feasibility Assessment Is Focused On Gaining An Understanding Of The Present Technical Resources Of The Organization And Their Applicability

Reports Charges: Reports Charges may Vary From Rs.2,50,000 TO Rs.10,00,000 Depending on Requirement to Support Funding Proposal to Proposed Capital Management Company or Financial Institution or Investors.

NBFC Project Based Debt From Registerd NBFC for Infrastructure & Manufacturing Projects is in above Specified Preferred Sector Funding in India. As per Primary Assessment, We would like to focus on Following Steps to make it Happen on Fast Note.

Financial Advisory Term Ship to be Signed. First Day of Proposal
Company Site visit to be Done with Due Diligence Report. Within 3 Working Days from Proposal Signing.
Required Technical & Financial Documents for NBFC Funding to be Prepared. Up to 20 Working Days from Proposal Signing.
Search and Valuation of Specified Free Asset Line Against Security to be Given to Lender. Up to 25 Working Days from Proposal Signing.
Visionary Enterprise Survey. Up to 30 Working Days from Proposal Signing.
Assistance in Getting Approval Up to 35 Working Days from Proposal Signing.
Assistance for Funds Transfer from Lender to Client Company Up to 45 Working Days from Proposal Signing.

Note : Above Details are Step wise Processing of Project Based Debt from NBFC. We would like to assure Complete Advisory and Assistance by Signing Term Ship for the Purepose till Amount to be deposited with Company Account. Above Processing Details are General in Nature, Spacific Termof Processing will be Reflect in Consulting Term Ship.

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