Loan Against Property (Private Funding)

Loan against Indemnity is Unique Solution For Corporate and SME’s to Raise Funds for their Business Needs and Requirements in Shortest Span of Time. This type of Funding Provides Ample Opportunity to Promising Investors to Park their Funds for Guanine and high Return Oriented Business. It is One Way which Not Only Manage Investors Wealth but also Open doors for New Business and Management Opportunity.

1) Loan Type (Private Funding)

2) Asset Type

Agriculture Land on Highways, Sanctioned Land, Plots within City Limits, Sanctioned Land and Plots within Development zone of City, Commercial Set Up Including Structure, Farm Houses, Villas, Flats, Apartments, Industrial Units along with Set ups Of Business.

3) Search and Title Report Valid Search and Title Report will be taken by Our Paneled Valuer of


Asset Valuation Details
Agriculture Land on Highways 30% to 40% of Market Valuation of Asset / Property.
Sanctioned Land or Plot within City Limit 40% to 55% of Market Valuation
Sanctioned Land or Plot within Development Zone 35% to 45% of Market valuation
Villas or Flats within City Limits 50% to 60% of Market Valuation.
Villas or Farm Houses or Flats within Development Zone 40% to 50% of Market Valuation.
Commercial or Industrial Units After Duly Assessment of Site Visit and Research
Rate of Interest
18% Flat on Sanctioned Value per Annum.
Repayment Tenure
Minimum 6 Months to Maximum 30 Months. On successful Servicing of Loan by the way of Principal & Interest Pay as per Decided Schedule Tenure would be Further Increased for Maximum 24 Months Only.
Installment Mode
Monthly Along with Principal and Interest OR Quarterly Along with Principal and Interest
Yearly Along with Principal and Interest OR Interest Every Month and Principal Payment at the Time of Completion of Term
Security / Solvency Type
Specified Property Complete Ownership Transfer by the Way of Registered Sale Deed in Favor of Lender by Consent of All Directors (If Company Owned Properties) or Owners (Land / Flat / Commercial / Industrial Land and Properties)or Indemnity

in Favor of Lender with put dated Cheque of principle amount.

Foreclosure Charge
First Six Month of Loan 2%
After Six Month There are No Foreclosure Charge.
NPA Clause
As per M.O.U If Client Fails to Pay 2 Monthly Installments his Property which is as Security or Solvency with Lender will be Sold Out to Third Party For Recovering Dues with No Claim of Client as Ownership is Already Transferred in Favor of Lender.or Recover would be proceed against PDC (Post Dated Cheque) of Principle
Preferred Sectors
High Net Worth Individuals
Aviation and Shipping Energy and Power Generation
Consumer Durables and Home Appliances Mines and Minerals
Food / Agriculture / Retail and FMCG Steel / Copper / Aluminum
Educational Institutions Logistics
Hospitals and Research Centers Star Hotels and Resorts
Infrastructure and Real Estate Pharmaceutical
Diamond and Gold Jewelers Automobile Manufacturer
Water Treatment and Preservation Companies Furniture and Fixtures Companies
Electrical Instrument Goods Manufacturer Media and Advertising Companies

Note :Above sectors are Preferred Sectors for our Proposed Private Lender Subject to Process under Specific Approval Route after Complete Assessment of Client.

Eligibility criteria for Appling Loan against asset / Property

Net Worth of Asset / Property 50,00,000
Techno-Economic Visibility The Asset / Property must be Financially viable & technically feasible
Asset Line (Charged Free) LTV of 30 to 60%

Consulting Fees

The client Company has specifically agree to pay Consulting charges of 3% (Three Percentage All Inclusive) of sanctioned restructuring and expansions value of Funding Done with Company to Absolute Consortium Services. Company is specifically agreed and confirmed for consulting charges and same may be disbursed to Absolute Consortium Services once Funding is sanctioned and Disbursed by Lender or Financial Institution.

Registration Fees

The Initial Consulting Registration Fees of Rupees 2,00,000 (Two Lacks) Charged to the Company For Strategic Consulting of Specified Finance Options & To Execute the same from Respective Financial Institution or Private Lender on the Basis of Consulting Advisory Term ship Provided by Absolute Consortium Services to Client against Requirement. It is Inclusive of Specified Property Search and Valuation Charges. TEV Applicable for Proposals more than 10 Crore Value Disbursement.

Processing Details

Loan against Property for High Net worth Individuals is in Preferred Sector Funding in India for Our Associated Financial Institutions and Lenders. As per Case Discussed by Associate, We would like to focus on Following Steps to make it Happen on Fast Note.

Consulting Term Ship to be Signed.
Site visit to be Done with Due Diligence Report.
Search and Valuation of Specified Free Asset Line Against Security to be Given to Lender.
Assistance in Getting Approval / Sanction from Lender
Assistance for Funds Transfer of from Lender to Client.

Essential Reports

Following Reports are Standard in Nature for Execution of Proposals. Exact Requirement will be provided to Client Company in Consulting Term Ship Once Required Information Over View Completed. If Any Report is Not Required Details will be Provided Accordingly. Agency Provides Services to Prepare These Reports. Quotation for the same will be Provided in Consulting Term ship.

Project Based Debt

Project Based Debt From LENDER for Infrastructure Or Commercial Projects is in above Specified Preferred Sector Funding in India. As per Primary Assessment, We would like to focus on Following Steps to make it Happen on Fast Note.

Report Details
Search and Valuation of Specified Assets Detailed Valuation of Company Owned Assets will be Taken
Techno Economic Viability The Technical Feasibility Assessment Is Focused On Gaining An Understanding Of The Present Technical Resources Of The Organization And Their Applicability
Financial Advisory term Ship to be Signed. First Day of Proposal
Company Site visit to be Done with Due Diligence Report. Within 3 Working Days from Proposal Signing.
Required Technical & Financial Documents for Funding to be Prepared. Up to 7 Working Days from Proposal Signing.
Search and valuation of Specified Free Asset Line Against Security to be Given to Lender. Up to 18 Working Days from Proposal Signing.
Assistance in Getting Approval Up to 20 Working Days from Proposal Signing.
Assistance for Funds transfer from Lender to Client Company Up to 35 Working Days from Proposal Signing.

Note : Above Details are Step wise Processing of Loan Against Property. We would like to assure Complete Advisory and Assistance by Signing Term Ship for the Execution.

We as Absolute Consortium Services Accept Our Processing Fees and Consulting Commission in favor of “Absolute Consortium Services” We are not Liable or Responsible to any Third Party Direct Transaction. Our Responsibility Ceases only up to Payment Received by Us in Specified Agency Account Only.

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